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The Techniconica Event Decks

The Techniconica Event Decks are designed to be completely optional to the main game and are intended to introduce an element of risk, chance and intrigue to the game.

Given below are the current range of Techniconica Event Decks available and their associated event cards.

How To Use Event Decks

Using an Event Deck is completely optional and is not required for play.

If you wish to use an Event Deck, at the start of the game, shuffle your Event Deck and then draw a card. The rules presented on the Event card apply for the full turn. Some cards have effects that resolve immediately, others simply alter the basic mechanics of the game for a short period.

Once all players have acted and activated all their Mechs and another turn begins, discard the currently active Event card and place it at the bottom of the Event deck and then draw another Event card. This newly drawn card will then become active for the following turn.

If all the players agree, they could "double" up the events and have 2 (or more) event cards in play at any one time - simply draw as many cards as you want in play each turn from the Event deck.

The Wicked Wasteland Event Deck

The Wicked Wasteland deck represents the zany events that may happen out in the Techniconica wastes, including lightning storms, rogue fighter squadrons and minefields.

Earth Fissure

A large fissure in the ground opens up, reducing the speed of Mechs to a crawl.

All Mech Speeds are halved for this turn. Roll a D10 for each Mech on the battlefield. On a roll of a '1', that Mech is removed as it plunges into the fissure.

Chance: 4.35% (3 cards)


The ground quakes as the tectonic plates move.

All Mech Speeds are halved for this turn unless they have their Locomotor has the 'Hover' type.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

ECM Minefield

The Mechs have stumbled into an old minefield littered with ECM mines.

Roll a D10 for each Mech. On a roll of a 8, 9 or 10, that Mech's power plants shut down temporarily. Treat any Mech affected as being in 'Low Power' mode for this turn.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

Fighter Attack

A group of attack fighters stumbles upon the battle and they do a strafing run.

Randomly select a Mech, This Mech gets hit by an attack with an attack which has Accuracy 3, Penetration 3 and a Damage Output of 2. The attack is automatically in range.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

Light Meteor Shower

A shower of small meteors hits the battlefield, striking those unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Roll a D10 for each Mech on the battlefield. On a roll of a '1', the Mech is hit by a meteor and is damaged. Randomly select 1 part on the Mech and apply 1 Damage Point to the part.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

Lightning Storm

A thick, billowing thunderstorm starts and lightning licks down from above, striking the ground and any Mechs unlucky enough to be there at the time!

Roll a D10 for each Power Plant on the battlefield. On a roll of '1', the Power Generator becomes overloaded and is destroyed. Remove any that are overloaded immediately.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

No Event

Nothing happens this turn.

No event this turn.

Chance: 21.74% (15 cards)

Recon Satellite

A recon satellite enters range of the battling Mechs, granting them enhanced battlefield awareness and targeting data.

All Mechs gain a +3 to their Accuracy this turn.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

Sand Storm

A thick, billowing sand storm starts up, throwing a cloud of thick sand and grit into the air, blocking vision and causing the Mechs to slow their pace.

All Mechs half their Speed and suffer a further -3 to their Accuracy this turn.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)

Satellite Rain

An attack satellite enters range, bombarding the battlefield with its deadly ordnance.

Every Mech takes 3 points of Damage to a random part (determine a random part for each and every Mech and apply the damage to that part).

Chance: 4.35% (3 cards)

Strong ECM Field

A solar storm throws out a wicked ECM field which dampens all power generation activity for a short while.

All Power Plants half their Power Output stats for this turn. This may mean that they go into 'Low Power' mode.

Chance: 8.7% (6 cards)