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With our comparision tool, you can compare two different weapons and find out which is the best parts for your Mechs!

'Energy Bubble'6 Wheeled Locomotor
Advanced Targeting RadarAnti-Grav Hover
Anti-Grav PodArmor Piercing Ammo
Auto HowitzerAutocannon
Bipedal WalkerBombard Multi-Mortar
Bombardier MissileBosc Heavy Blaster
Bosc ShieldsCantrap Launcher
Carl XanonChain-Halberd
Chain-SwordCloud Spore Launcher
Daecon Pattern Power PlantDangerous Danny
Decimater Rocket PodDisord Pattern Power Generator
Doomsday MissileDrill Ram Arm
Drow Class GeneratorDual-Tracked Locomotor
ECM Counter UnitElectro-Flail
Elite PilotEM Lance Cannon
Enhanced Power CapacitorsEverShot Shotgun
Experienced PilotFlame Lance
Fletchette LauncherFoxen Shield
Galaxia ShieldGalaxia-Pattern Cockpit
Gatling-CannonGauntlet Pattern Tracked Locomotor
Griffon Howitzer CannonGun Pod
Heat BeamerHeat Lance
Heavy AutocannonHeavy Track Unit
Herald Pattern CockpitHerald-Crux Pattern Cockpit
Hercules GeneratorIncreased Armour
Inter-Phased SwordInternal Bracing
Internal Power GeneratorIowa-Pattern Cockpit
Kyraio QuinneLancer Pattern Bipedal Locomotor
Larger CalibreLaser Lance
Laxcore CullLight Bipedal Walker
Light Track UnitLight Weight Parts
Lightened ArmourLucky Dice
Lynx Tracking RadarMaxiron Thael
Maxitron ArmourMaxitron Cockpit
Maxitron Power GeneratorMaxwell Armour
Mech Lifter ArmMech-Carried Railgun
Mech-Carried Tactical NukeMedium Missile Rack
MetalStorm LauncherMinitron Armour
Minitron CockpitMinitron Power Generator
Missile Destroyer PhalanxMK Class Recoilless Cannon
Nalkian TigurnNewbie Pilot
Novice PilotNullstrum Armour
Omacron PlantOrlian Numl
Penetrator CannonPhalanx Cannon
Phalanx DefenderPhalanx Mortar
Powered GauntletPunisher Cannon
Quadpedial WalkerRecoil Dampener
Refined OpticsRegenerative Circuitry
Seeker MissileShard Cannon
Small Rocket PodSmoke Launchers
Snare LauncherSniper Cannon
Solar BoosterSpiker
Stalker LocomotorStealth Field Emitter
Targeting MatrixThunder-Pattern Armour
Thunder-Pattern CockpitThunder-Pattern Generator
Tri-ShotgunTrinity Armour Plating
Trinity CockpitTrinity Power Generator
Vault Pattern CockpitVulcan Cannon
Vull LanceWar-Scythe Tracked Locomotor
Xerxes Pattern CockpitYulan Logg
Zearian WorissZombas Hulleril