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With our comparision tool, you can compare two different weapons and find out which is the best parts for your Mechs!

'Energy Bubble'4 Wheeled Locomotor
6 Wheeled Locomotor8 Wheeled Locomotor
Advanced Targeting RadarAir Cleanser
Anti-Grav HoverAnti-Grav Pod
Archangle Rocket SystemArchmage Bomber
Armor Piercing AmmoAuto Howitzer
AutocannonBipedal Walker
Bombard Multi-MortarBombardier Missile
Bosc Heavy BlasterBosc Shields
Buzzard Larger DestroyerCantrap Launcher
Carl XanonChain-Halberd
Chain-SwordClay Mitchell
Cloud Spore LauncherColossus Light Escort
Crusader DestroyerDaecon Pattern Power Plant
Daemon Attack SystemDangerous Danny
DeathdealersDecimater Rocket Pod
Decimator Type IDecimator Type II
Defender Battle TankDefender Recon Sub
DerthCore Power PlantDestroyer Bomber
Destroyer Cannon SystemDomination-Pattern Bomber
Dominator PlatformDoomsday Cannon
Doomsday MissileDragon Dreadnought
Dragoon DestroyerDraken Harren
Dread CruiserDread Light Dreadnought
Drill Ram ArmDrone Controller Mk1
Drone Controller Mk2Drone Controller Mk3
Drone Controller Mk4Drone Controller Mk5
Drone PhalanxDrow Class Generator
Dual-Tracked LocomotorEagle-Pattern
ECM Counter UnitElectro-Flail
Elite PilotEM Lance Cannon
Enhanced EngineEnhanced Power Capacitors
EverShot ShotgunExperienced Pilot
Farran HeaviesFarran Regulars
Farran Super-HeaviesFlame Lance
Fletchette LauncherFortress Fighter
Foxen ShieldFreighter Bomber
Fury DreadnoughtGalaxia Shield
Galaxia-Pattern CockpitGatling-Cannon
Gauntlet Pattern Tracked LocomotorGraviton Cannon
Griffon Howitzer CannonGuardian System
Gun PodHarlequin Cruiser
Harrier-Pattern CannonHavoc Escort
Havoc Missile SystemHavoc Strike System
Hawk-Pattern CannonHawkstalon Combat Vehicle
Heat BeamerHeat Lance
Heavy AutocannonHeavy Track Unit
Herald Pattern CockpitHerald-Crux Pattern Cockpit
Hercules GeneratorHurricane Cruiser
Hurricane Satalite SystemIcarus Battle Tank
Increased ArmourInter-Phased Sword
Internal BracingInternal Power Generator
Iowa-Pattern CockpitJuggernaut Class Destroyer
Juggernaut TankKillerton Cannons
Kite DestroyerKraken Escort
Kyraio QuinneLancer Pattern Bipedal Locomotor
Lancer-Type Attack SubLand Stalker Tank
Land Striker TankLarger Calibre
Laser LanceLaxcore Cull
Light Bipedal WalkerLight Track Unit
Light Weight PartsLightened Armour
Lighthawk FighterLucky Dice
Lukas KrillianLynx Tracking Radar
Mage Strike CannonManticore Strike System
Mantis DestroyerMaxiron Thael
Maxitron ArmourMaxitron Cockpit
Maxitron Power GeneratorMaxwell Armour
Mech Lifter ArmMech-Carried Railgun
Medium Missile RackMegan Barker
MetalStorm LauncherMinitron Armour
Minitron CockpitMinitron Power Generator
Missile PhalanxMk 4 Bombardier
MK Class Recoilless CannonMk. 7 Heavy Bomber
Mk. 8 Recon Strike SystemMK1 Cyborg Kill-Team
MK2 Cyborg Kill-TeamMK3 Cyborg Kill-Team
Mobile Rocket BatteryNalkian Tigurn
Newbie PilotNightmare Heavy Destroyer
Novice PilotNullstrum Armour
Omacron PlantOrlian Numl
Osprey Long Range FighterOwl Main Battle Tank
Penetrator CannonPhalanx Cannon
Phalanx DefenderPhalanx Dual Cannon
Phalanx MortarPhantom Assault Craft
Pheonix Heavy BomberPowered Gauntlet
Prainian Death-Angel CorpPrainian Death-Recon Corp
Prainian Death-Strike CorpPunisher Cannon
Quadpedial WalkerRaglorian Heavies
Raglorian LancersRaglorian Regulars
Raider Anti-AirRaptor Light Fighter
Rattler Strike FighterReaper Destroyer
Reaper DreadnoughtRecoil Dampener
Recon DroneRefined Optics
Regenerative CircuitryRetribution Class Destroyer
Scimitar DestroyerScythe Pattern
Seeker MissileSeeker Mobile Battery
ShadeShard Cannon
Sheran Attack CorpSheran Recon Corp
Sheran Strike CorpShield Disruptor
Shield DroneSky Hunter
Small Rocket PodSmoke Launchers
Snake Strike CraftSnare Launcher
Sniper CannonSniper Heavy Tank
Solar BoosterSpiker
Stalker LocomotorStalker Tank
Stealth Field EmitterStrike Drone
Swallow Light EscortTactical Nuke
Targeting MatrixThe Lions
The Scorpion HeaviesThe Scorpion Lights
The Scorpion RegularsThe Tigers
The WolvesThunder-Pattern Armour
Thunder-Pattern BomberThunder-Pattern Cockpit
Thunder-Pattern GeneratorTri-Shotgun
Trinity Armour PlatingTrinity Cockpit
Trinity Power GeneratorValkyrie Fighter
Vanguard EscortVault Pattern Cockpit
Veteran PilotViper Attack System
Viper Strike CraftVulcan Cannon
Vull LanceVulture Battle Tank
Vulture PlatformVulture Strike Craft
War-Scythe Tracked LocomotorWarengine Fighter
Wolverine FighterWraith Heavy Dreadnought
Xerxes Pattern CockpitYulan Logg
Zackarius HullianZearian Woriss
Zombas Hulleril