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With our comparision tool, you can compare two different weapons and find out which is the best parts for your Mechs!

'Energy Bubble'4 Wheeled Locomotor
6 Wheeled Locomotor8 Wheeled Locomotor
Advanced Targeting RadarAir Cleanser
Anti-Grav HoverAnti-Grav Pod
Archangle Rocket SystemArchmage Bomber
Armor Piercing AmmoAuto Howitzer
AutocannonBipedal Walker
Bombard Multi-MortarBombardier Missile
Bosc Heavy BlasterBosc Shields
Buzzard Larger DestroyerCantrap Launcher
Carl XanonChain-Halberd
Chain-SwordClay Mitchell
Cloud Spore LauncherColossus Light Escort
Crusader DestroyerDaecon Pattern Power Plant
Daemon Attack SystemDangerous Danny
DeathdealersDecimater Rocket Pod
Decimator Type IDecimator Type II
Defender Battle TankDefender Recon Sub
DerthCore Power PlantDestroyer Bomber
Destroyer Cannon SystemDisord Pattern Power Generator
Domination-Pattern BomberDominator Platform
Doomsday CannonDoomsday Missile
Dragon DreadnoughtDragoon Destroyer
Draken HarrenDread Cruiser
Dread Light DreadnoughtDrill Ram Arm
Drone Controller Mk1Drone Controller Mk2
Drone Controller Mk3Drone Controller Mk4
Drone Controller Mk5Drone Phalanx
Drow Class GeneratorDual-Tracked Locomotor
Eagle-PatternECM Counter Unit
Electro-FlailElite Pilot
EM Lance CannonEnhanced Engine
Enhanced Power CapacitorsEverShot Shotgun
Experienced PilotFarran Heavies
Farran RegularsFarran Super-Heavies
Flame LanceFletchette Launcher
Fortress FighterFoxen Shield
Freighter BomberFury Dreadnought
Galaxia ShieldGalaxia-Pattern Cockpit
Gatling-CannonGauntlet Pattern Tracked Locomotor
Graviton CannonGriffon Howitzer Cannon
Guardian SystemGun Pod
Harlequin CruiserHarrier-Pattern Cannon
Havoc EscortHavoc Missile System
Havoc Strike SystemHawk-Pattern Cannon
Hawkstalon Combat VehicleHeat Beamer
Heat LanceHeavy Autocannon
Heavy Track UnitHerald Pattern Cockpit
Herald-Crux Pattern CockpitHercules Generator
Hurricane CruiserHurricane Satalite System
Icarus Battle TankIncreased Armour
Inter-Phased SwordInternal Bracing
Internal Power GeneratorIowa-Pattern Cockpit
Juggernaut Class DestroyerJuggernaut Tank
Killerton CannonsKite Destroyer
Kraken EscortKyraio Quinne
Lancer Pattern Bipedal LocomotorLancer-Type Attack Sub
Land Stalker TankLand Striker Tank
Larger CalibreLaser Lance
Laxcore CullLight Bipedal Walker
Light Track UnitLight Weight Parts
Lightened ArmourLighthawk Fighter
Lucky DiceLukas Krillian
Lynx Tracking RadarMage Strike Cannon
Manticore Strike SystemMantis Destroyer
Maxiron ThaelMaxitron Armour
Maxitron CockpitMaxitron Power Generator
Maxwell ArmourMech Lifter Arm
Mech-Carried RailgunMedium Missile Rack
Megan BarkerMetalStorm Launcher
Minitron ArmourMinitron Cockpit
Minitron Power GeneratorMissile Phalanx
Mk 4 BombardierMK Class Recoilless Cannon
Mk. 7 Heavy BomberMk. 8 Recon Strike System
MK1 Cyborg Kill-TeamMK2 Cyborg Kill-Team
MK3 Cyborg Kill-TeamMobile Rocket Battery
Nalkian TigurnNewbie Pilot
Nightmare Heavy DestroyerNovice Pilot
Nullstrum ArmourOmacron Plant
Orlian NumlOsprey Long Range Fighter
Owl Main Battle TankPenetrator Cannon
Phalanx CannonPhalanx Defender
Phalanx Dual CannonPhalanx Mortar
Phantom Assault CraftPheonix Heavy Bomber
Powered GauntletPrainian Death-Angel Corp
Prainian Death-Recon CorpPrainian Death-Strike Corp
Punisher CannonQuadpedial Walker
Raglorian HeaviesRaglorian Lancers
Raglorian RegularsRaider Anti-Air
Raptor Light FighterRattler Strike Fighter
Reaper DestroyerReaper Dreadnought
Recoil DampenerRecon Drone
Refined OpticsRegenerative Circuitry
Retribution Class DestroyerScimitar Destroyer
Scythe PatternSeeker Missile
Seeker Mobile BatteryShade
Shard CannonSheran Attack Corp
Sheran Recon CorpSheran Strike Corp
Shield DisruptorShield Drone
Sky HunterSmall Rocket Pod
Smoke LaunchersSnake Strike Craft
Snare LauncherSniper Cannon
Sniper Heavy TankSolar Booster
SpikerStalker Locomotor
Stalker TankStealth Field Emitter
Strike DroneSwallow Light Escort
Tactical NukeTargeting Matrix
The LionsThe Scorpion Heavies
The Scorpion LightsThe Scorpion Regulars
The TigersThe Wolves
Thunder-Pattern ArmourThunder-Pattern Bomber
Thunder-Pattern CockpitThunder-Pattern Generator
Tri-ShotgunTrinity Armour Plating
Trinity CockpitTrinity Power Generator
Valkyrie FighterVanguard Escort
Vault Pattern CockpitVeteran Pilot
Viper Attack SystemViper Strike Craft
Vulcan CannonVull Lance
Vulture Battle TankVulture Platform
Vulture Strike CraftWar-Scythe Tracked Locomotor
Warengine FighterWolverine Fighter
Wraith Heavy DreadnoughtXerxes Pattern Cockpit
Yulan LoggZackarius Hullian
Zearian WorissZombas Hulleril