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The Mech Combat Card Game

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About Techniconica

Techniconica is a card game based on large robotic fighting machines that you build using part cards which are controlled by pilots. Each player pits their Mech(s) against the Mechs built by their friends in a game of cold cunning, luck and guile.

Each player starts the game with 1 (or more) Mechs with which they fight their opponents with. They take it in turns to shoot, move or even charge at each other in a swirling combat game that provides as much choice as when your initially building your Mechs.

No two Mechs need to be the same - it is up to each player to collect the cards that they believe will give them the greatest chance of winning against their enemies, whether that is building a small but fast moving sniper Mech or a hulking brute relying entirely upon thick shielding and armour to survive, or anything in between is entirely possible.

The only constraints placed on Mechs is the Power Consumption (PC) - you need to provide enough power for all your Mech's parts and the overall Weight (WE) that your Locomotor safely can carry.

Weaponry can takes the form of exotic needler cannons through to solid fuel-propelled rockets and high-tech laser cannons and everything in between!

You can also modify your parts to suit your needs with modification cards, whether that be adding additional armour or boosting the power output of your power generators.

The background is also fully fleshed out, with exotic locations forming the basis of why the Mechs are fighting and one that is constantly evolving and advancing as time progresses and we discover new aspects to the Techniconica universe.

Playing the Game

You can get a copy of the game's rules for free here. You can also buy your first Mech here.

Each game typically takes around 5-15 minutes (per Mech fielded) to complete so it is fairly fast paced. Multiplayer games are also possible (and encouraged)!

About the Designer

The chief architect of the game is Stephen Bailey, who continues to push the game forward. He can be reached at .

You can also ask questions about the games rules, parts and other aspects of the game to boot as well.