Techniconica - The Mech Combat Card Game

The Mech Combat Card Game

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The Mech Combat Card Game

Techniconica is a mech combat card game where you take control of one or more modular fighting machines known as Mechanised Environmental Constructs (or Mechs for short).

This game sees you, the player, collect and assemble a collection of Mech parts that you then assemble into powerful fighting machines. You can fight battles against other teams of Mechs controlled by other players until only a single player remains!

The games rules are simple, quick to learn and designed so that it is quick and easy to play!

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Part In Focus:-

Card StatValue
Power Consumption1
Damage Threshold3
Maximum Weight12
Light Bipedal Walker

Light Bipedal Walker


Originally the only Bipedal walker units available when the Generational Ships first landed, venerable Walker units are still in very much high demand as their centuries of service are a mute testament to their longevity and reliability.

Powered by internal servos motors, the joints are fully enclosed in protective seals preventing oil leaks unless they take direct damage.

They also offer variable armour plating solutions, allowing Mech Pilots to up armour or downgrade the armour packages to suit the Mechs ultimate purpose, whether that be as a light reconnaissance unit or a heavy miner build.

Either way, the continued trade in Bipedal units means that there are many newer built, with many untrustworthy traders and merchants simply applying paint to their units in an attempt to make them appear much older than they really are and therefore earning them a larger profit as they can then be marketed as “venerable units†rather than the commodity items they really are.

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