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The Mech Combat Card Game

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The Mech Combat Card Game

Techniconica is a mech combat card game where you take control of one or more modular fighting machines known as Mechanised Environmental Constructs (or Mechs for short).

This game sees you, the player, collect and assemble a collection of Mech parts that you then assemble into powerful fighting machines. You can fight battles against other teams of Mechs controlled by other players until only a single player remains!

The games rules are simple, quick to learn and designed so that it is quick and easy to play!

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New Rulebook Design

We have made the Techniconica rulebook cleaner and cleaner and improved the design.

Tips Tactica Weapons

Weapons make any Mech a real threat to the opposition – for without them, your Mech is little more than a target to be picked off at the enemies leisure.

Next Wave Incoming

It's all gone quiet on here, but we aren't dead! We've been very busy behind the scenes, I can assure you!We're currently developing the next wave of Mech parts - including a bumper crop of new Armour pieces and various new Support items.

Part In Focus:-

Card StatValue
Bottle Threshold6
Carl Xanon

Carl Xanon

Mung was a fool. His entire family are fools.

Carl Xanon

Personal History

The pilot known as Carl Xanon was once known as Duksun Ulan until his name was marked for execution by both Prain intelligence operatives and Raglorian military and he was forced to go into hiding for several years until he eventually assumed a new name and identity.

Carl was once a Prain intelligence agent, tasked with spying on the Raglorian regents, but his cover was blown, forcing him to flee for his life.

When he returned, he had altered his appearance, and assumed a name and became a mercenary, fighting for whomever paid him the highest. Throughout the years as a mercenary, he has learned to fight effectively, proving to be a worthy opponent.

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