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The Mech Combat Card Game

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The Mech Combat Card Game

Techniconica is a mech combat card game where you take control of one or more modular fighting machines known as Mechanised Environmental Constructs (or Mechs for short).

This game sees you, the player, collect and assemble a collection of Mech parts that you then assemble into powerful fighting machines. You can fight battles against other teams of Mechs controlled by other players until only a single player remains!

The games rules are simple, quick to learn and designed so that it is quick and easy to play!

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Part In Focus:-

Card StatValue
Damage Threshold3
Power Output10
Disord Pattern Power Generator

Disord Pattern Power Generator


The small, Disord Pattern power generator uses fission material to generate heat which in turn power miniature steam generators which turn the heat into electrical energy for the Mech to consume.

Few can doubt the efficiency of the Disord Pattern, they are cheap to run given a suitable supply of fission-able material and easy to build and diagnose out in the field when they do break down.


Often employed by long range patrols due to their ease of maintenance and their long running nature, they use relatively low amounts of fuel for their energy output. Disord Pattern are also much sought after by pirates in the western deserts for much of the same reason, where they can pilfer the fuel rods from passing courier trains as and when required.

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