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The Mech Combat Card Game

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The Mech Combat Card Game

Techniconica is a mech combat card game where you take control of one or more modular fighting machines known as Mechanised Environmental Constructs (or Mechs for short).

This game sees you, the player, collect and assemble a collection of Mech parts that you then assemble into powerful fighting machines. You can fight battles against other teams of Mechs controlled by other players until only a single player remains!

The games rules are simple, quick to learn and designed so that it is quick and easy to play!

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Part In Focus:-

Card StatValue
Power Consumption4
Damage Threshold3
Maximum Weight15
Stalker Locomotor

Stalker Locomotor


The Stalker Locomotor hovers around 1m to 2m above the ground, allowing for quick turns of speed with a moderately good weight carrying capacity for the provided turn of speed.

It does lack heavy armour plating through, making it a potential weakness against incoming fire. However, some Pilots feel that the added speed it offers more than makes up for the lack of armour, allowing them to field highly mobile Mechs.


Renowned amongst blockade runners and cross District couriers, the Stalker Locomotor is fast enough for long distance runs whilst retaining enough of a carrying capacility to transport most loads.

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