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District Callixis

Callixis' internal bureaucracy is legendarily slow, to the point that it can take years for legislative amendments to be made to the vast bulk of the body of law and policies that govern all life within the armoured walls of Callixis.


Callixis' internal bureaucracy is legendarily slow, to the point that it can take years for legislative amendments to be made to the vast bulk of the body of law and policies that govern all life within the armoured walls of Callixis.

It is often joked that the bureaucracy within the District could effectively run the entire of Techniconica, although nothing would ever get done as summit meetings drag on into months when a quick resolution should, by rights have been decided within the first hour of the initial meeting.


Life within District Callixis is eternally governed by the policies and laws written by tireless bureaucratic clerks shuffling papers through the Callixisian legislative system. Everything from length of dinner breaks, work breaks through to exacting production quotas are processed by the vast army of clerks who oversee every facet of Callixisian life from afar by setting stricture and policy.

To walk within the walls is to be bound by the same restrictive tenants that bind the vast populace into servitude for the greater good of the District and even visiting traders and Mech crews are expected to present appropriate forms and documents upon arrival and submit to continual spot checks to ensure that they meeting the necessary sub-codes and by-laws.


Industrial quotas are everything to a Callixisian, and their entire economic output is based on a steady stream of numbers, reports and detailed information flowing from node to node within their vast computerised system. They are perhaps the most prosperous District by sheer virtue that the constant reporting ensure that should targets start to slip, punitive fees, beatings and other measures are never far away. It is not unheard of for entire work gangs to be beaten for not meeting quotas by the merest fraction of a percent.

Law Enforcement

Slight infractions are often punished meticulously by a cadre of Callixian enforcers known simply as the "The Corps." Every street and boulevard is patrolled by one or two enforcers, whom see that no citizen breaks the laws and should they do so, effective punishment is administered quickly.

Punishment is usually metered out in an instant when a crime or infraction is discovered - usually involving shock batons but may include any measure of punishment up to and including capital punishment carried out by enforcer firing squads, although capital crimes are thankfully few and far between.

Industrial Infrastructure

Callixis features the largest area given over to manufacturing facilities of any District and also boasts the most effective and efficient transport system that is required to support the level of industrial endeavour and output.

Callixis features the largest area given over to manufacturing facilities of any District and also boasts the most effective and efficient transport system that is required to support that level of industrial endeavour and output.

As such, no Districts can outmatch Callxis in sheer industrial throughput, even if the system that oversees it does run into frequent stoppages due to multiple trading embargoes placed upon the District by the other Districts from time to time.

Callixis has the capacity and capability to manufacture any type of good quickly and efficiently from simple foodstuffs to pharmaceuticals and obviously weapons of war and tools for industry.

The biggest stumbling block is that the Committees overseeing the output are often at odds as to what to produce and in what quantities. There is also a certain amount of time required to fully ramp up production of any particular good which is entirely dependant on the resources needed and the complexity of the product at hand.

Most of time, the industrial sector are making various types of Mech parts as those are always in high demand in other Districts and forms the principal export for the District and turns them a tidy profit.

Committees Within Committees

The behemoth that is Callixis bureaucratic system is swollen beyond all belief. Committees are formed on a monthly basis for every conceivable reason, some of whom aren't even sure what they were meant to be meeting about in the first place, whilst others have clear cut reasons, but which often get dragged off topic and remain there for months on end, whilst bored minute takers produce a stream of words that nobody will read, nor has the time to read.

The life of many of the administration's drones is a never ending stream of meetings, discussions and meals with workers to banter about the latest news or on-going internal drama within the District.

What actual work does go on is carried out by the District's municipal work force, who take their standing orders from the administration's commandments handed down through committee to committee and the final orders often bear little resemblance to the actual work that was needed.

Critical repairs are often left for weeks on end, whilst administration clerks argue about jurisdiction, proper meeting protocols and whom should be involved in the meeting itself about the repair rather than dealing with the cold hard facts and passing a quick resolution to make the repair as soon as possible.

In addition to the internal committee politics, there are countless other lesser functionaries whose duty it is to collect and record every conceivable detail and to generate reports on that data. These reports are often passed up the chain of command and then discussed within the committee meetings at great length.


The merchant class of Callixis have a great responsibility as they are the major source of revenue for the District. Their sales are closely monitored by the Merchant Oversight Committee and any dips in sales or gross profits are scrutinised and individual merchants can be called before the committee to answer for their low sales figures. In the worst cases, their merchant license can be revoked and their goods seized.

District Statistics

Current Population172,543
Population Growth Ratio15.271 (1427.1% increase)
Settlement Land Area1,809.5574km2
Population Density95.3509 pop/km
Male/Female Ratio0.9705 m/f ratio

Population Growth


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Related Timeline

Mining of the Moon BeginsY2023

Several prospective companies launch exploratory probes to start mining operations on the moon and later Mars. The first companies eventually fail in their ventures, although it does path the way for many of the key technologies needed for future space travel.

The Resource Crisis EruptsY2029

Faced with dwindling natural resources, nation turns upon nation and vast areas erupt into bloodshed as armies are unleashed against neighbors in a bid to secure the last remaining natural resources.

Widespread famine devastates the remaining survivors, and nuclear weapons are used against overly aggressive and oppressive nations.

First Mechs CreatedY2033

The first Mechanised Environmental Constructs are created in with a view to their eventual usage in outer space to effect repairs and upgrades on the generation ships being constructed in the orbital docks. They take several key technologies found in the generational ships and the previous moon mining missions and improve upon them until such point that the technologies for sustainable life support, oxygen generation and power generation becomes small and portable enough to fit inside the cockpits of the newly developed Mechs.

Construction Begins On The Generational ShipsY2045

Construction begins on the first of several multiple generation ships intended to allow mankind to colonise other planets. Several key technologies are incorporated into the Generational Ships which are taken directly from the 1st generation of Mechs such as anti-grav plating, efficient power generation, multi-fuel generators and carbon-scrubber technology.

Civil BreakdownY2094

The world's nations break down into independent city-states. Hundreds of thousands are rendered destitute and thousands more die from the collapse of existing infrastructure.

Work continues on the Generational Ships by those with sufficient wealth and/or power to continue to pour resources into space.

The Great Migration BeginsY2138

Many thousands of intergalactic settlers are sent out across the galaxy in colossal generational ships. It is estimated that they will take several hundred generations to reach their assigned destinations.

The world that would become known as Techniconica is one such destination.

Techniconica ColonisedY4127

The first colonists make planetfall on Techniconica. They establish the colony which would later become known as Distrct Frandor.

Several hundred isolated groups strike out across Techniconica in a bid to earn their own place on the new world.

Callixis SettledY4132

A small mining settlement experiences rapid growth due to it be situated at the cross roads of seven great trading routes between the more prosperous Districts.

Callixis expands rapidly, not only because it's location is ideal for traders to rest at, but Callixis begins to imply a small tithe on all goods passing through which helps feed the growth.

Eventually, most traders find alternative, more direct trading routes, but by then District Callixis is firmly established in its own right and becomes a supply and trading hub itself.

The Great War BeginsY4148.232

War engulfs the city-states as they finally declare war formally on each other. The more affluent city-states survive the great war, protected as they are but city-wide powered fields and armies of armoured vehicles.

Minor use of nuclear weaponry takes place amongst the most affluent Districts, although it is limited to a few, minor exchanges.

The Great War EndsY4149.011

A vast portion of the population are either dead or slowly dying, the war itself burns itself out with most of the major parties losing interest in the war after the initial bout of hostilities. Isolated pockets of hostilities continue for some time afterwards, but are limited to localised guerrilla warfare or intercontinental missile exchanges which achieve little effect.

The Spears of War Treaty SignedY4151.264

Governess Raglor urges all Districts to curtail their nuclear arsenals, imposing strict penalties on all Districts if they do not disarm and threats of annexation if they didn't dismantle any nuclear weapons above 1KT in power.

After several months of bargaining and continual political manoeuvring (and several successful assassinations), the Treaty is signed by all Districts and all nuclear warheads above 1KT are dismantled or rendered useless.

The Governess is heralded as a saviour of peace by the general populace, and her popularity increases with the general population, but the District rulers vowed revenge for forcing their hands through less than savoury means.

Callixian Senate OverthrownY4156

The Senate of District Callixis is briefly thrown into dissarray for twenty days whilst local Enforcers deal with sudden riots caused by a drastic tax policy change instigated by the Senate. Senate begins holding regular meetings with increased security as a direct result after the riots are quashed and those responsible for instigating them are quietly "dealt with".

Rich Ore Seam FoundY4192

An Explorator team from Callixis finds an extensive ore seam. Salvage teams from both Prain and Farran are spotted battling over the seam whilst Callixis arranges for a Salvage team of their own to secure the seam by force if nessecary.

When the Callixisian team arrives eighteen days later, the ore seam is nearly depleted by Farran and Prain salvage teams.

Callixis Arms EmbargoY4254

Callixis begins an arms embargo on its fellow Districts. It is short-lived however, lasting only twelve days after being rendered unenforceable by black market merchants who are more than willing to run arms, munitions and other war material out of the great forges of Callixis.

Strumm Bay MassacreY4257.341

Refugees from District Raglor, fleeing the plague are killed by Hooorain enforcers after they attempted to breach the city walls using stolen mining demo charges.

Victus Pox Plague EruptsY4259

A viriluent strain of Victus Pox rages across Techniconica, spread by traders going District to District.

Several thousand people died and many thousands were left with permanent scarring to their lungs, throats and lips from the acidic bile that the virus caused.

The Pox was eventually stopped through vaccinations of all non-effected citizens and strict containment and quarantine of afflicted areas of Districts for a period of 2 weeks whilst the Pox ran it's course and entered it's non-contagious stages.

The First Great AuditY4268

At the command of the ruling Electorate of District Raglor and the behest of the Governor, a mass population audit is conducted. Estimated accuracy of 95.45% achieved.

Estimated population sits at 1.6M.

Ultor Utani is BornY4340

He is born into the most influential family of District Callixis. Within 17 years, he becomes the defacto leader for his family after the death of his parents.

Battle For Tresman PrassY4371

Callixis and District Oran battle across the gorge of Tresman Prass.

Second Battle for Tresman PrassY4372

District Oran tries to retake Tresman Pass from District Callixis, resulting in a brutal five day conflict which eventually ends in neither side holding the territory whilst they regroup and recover.

The Savage Flu EruptsY4372

A particularly virulent strain of flu erupts out across Techniconica. It kills several hundred people in a few days. Many believe that the virus was man-made due to the speed of the outbreak and that it erupted in several places at once. No District or group claims responsibility if it was.

Riots Break OutY4376

Riots break out across District Raglor and Callixis due to growing tensions amongst the desperate poor and the ruling elite. All rioters are quickly put down and the ring leaders slain, thanks to information provided by District Prain.