Techniconica - The Mech Combat Card Game

The Mech Combat Card Game

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Techniconica - The Mech Combat Card Game

Techniconica is a combat card game where you take command of one or more mechanised robotic fighting machines (or Mechs for short) as you attempt to defeat your opponents Mech(s).

This game sees you, the player, take control of one or more Mechs and using the rules found here, you can fight battles against other teams of Mechs controlled by other players until only a single player remains!

The games rules are to be simple, quick to learn and designed so that it is quick to play!

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It's all gone quiet on here, but we aren't dead! We've been very busy behind the scenes, I can assure you!We're currently developing the next wave of Mech parts - including a bumper crop of new Armour pieces and various new Support items.

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Support Parts

Support parts are additional attached parts that provide boosts to the parts they are attached to.

Part In Focus:-

Card StatValue
Power Consumption5
Damage Threshold3
Damage Output2

EM Lance Cannon


Using advanced field harmonics to project a bubble of magnetically contained electronic interference, the EM Lance projects a bubble of EM interference within a short distance.

This localised field emitter is enough to blow out unshielded electronics and powerful enough to cause errors in normal operation in shielded components, making it ideal for disabling enemy Mechs with a minimal level of physical damage.

Due to the lack of actual damage caused to the physical structure of the targeted Mech, the EM Lance is heavily favoured by bounty hunters because it can disable an enemy Mech without endangering the occupant with a price on their head.

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